2019 Spotted Lanternfly Working Group Meeting

Video of Presentations

Meeting Agenda

October 29, 2019 – PSU FREC, Biglerville, PA

9:00–9:30 a.m. Coffee/snacks, round robin.

9:30–9:45 a.m. Introduction, plan for the day. Julie Urban.

9:45 a.m. State of the States (5 min. updates)

PA – Mike Hutchinson, Lawrence Barringer (Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture)

VA – Doug Pfeiffer (Virginia Tech)

NJ – Angela Lovero (New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture)

MD – Stephen Goff, Jeremy Buchman, Aaron Shurtleff (Maryland Dept. of Agriculture)

DE – Heather (on behalf of Delaware Dept. of Agriculture)

NY – Brian Eshenaur (NYS IPM)

10:20–10:40 a.m. Break.

SLF Impacts and Challenges in Vineyards

10:40–11:00 a.m. Grower response and management of spotted lanternfly in vineyards. Heather Leach, Ashley Leach, Julie Urban, Michela Centinari, David Biddinger, Liz Deecher, and Lauren Briggs.

11:00–11:10 a.m. Impacts of spotted lanternfly on grapevine physiology, fruit production and composition: Preliminary results. Michela Centinari.

11:10–11:20 a.m. Practical challenges with SLF research: Monitoring and ovicidal bioassays. Greg Krawcyzk, Henry Rice, and Edwin Winzeler.

SLF Impacts and Challenges in Green Industry, Forests, and Christmas Trees

11:20–11:40 a.m. Ornamentals update, damage and SLF population trends. Brian Walsh.

11:40–11:50 a.m. Possible non-target impacts of spraying for SLF. David Biddinger.

11:50 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Spotted lanternfly seasonal population development, phenology and dispersion. Dennis Calvin, Erica Smyers, Julie Urban, John Rost, Mitzy Porras, Heather Leach, and Joseph Keller.

12:00–1:00 p.m. Lunch.


1:00–1:20 p.m. Development of area-wide management of spotted lanternfly. Richard Roush, Dennis Calvin, Julie Urban, Ann Hajek, and Tom Baker.

1:20–1:30 p.m. Dispersal of spotted lanternfly in a contiguous forest. Kelli Hoover, Joseph Keller, Anne Johnson, and Osariyekenwen Uyi.

1:30–1:40 p.m. Usefulness of N15 in SLF ecological studies including population dynamics, resource use, feeding patterns and dispersal. Mitzy F. Porras, Tomas Lopez, John Rost, Tomas Carlo, David Biddinger, Dennis Calvin, and Ed Rajotte.

1:40–1:50 p.m. Expansion of SLF populations in New Jersey. Anne L. Nielsen, Kasia Madalinska, Michael Allen, George Hamilton, and Julie Urban.

1:50–2:00 p.m. Flight dispersal capabilities of female SLF related to size and mating status. Tom Baker, Mike Wolfin, Andy Myrick, Muhammad Binyameen, and Yanchen Wang.

2:00–2:10 p.m. Preliminary insights into female SLF reproductive development and endosymbiont transmission. Julie Urban, Brian Walsh, Heather Leach, Dennis Calvin, Dana Roberts, and John Rost.

2:10–2:20 p.m. Multi-scale modeling of spotted lanternfly population dynamics. Matthew Helmus.

2:20–2:30 p.m. Updates on spotted lanternfly field biology and its egg parasitoid. Houping Liu.

2:30–2:40 p.m. Progress of research on Asian parasitoids of lanternfly. Hannah Broadley, Juli Gould, and Kim Hoelmer.

2:40–2:50 p.m. SLF host breadth and rearing: Quarantine and field studies. Tracy C. Leskey, Sharon K. Jones, Dalton C. Ludwick, Laura J. Nixon, and Karen Felton.

2:50–3:05 p.m. Break.

3:05–4:30 p.m. Discussion.

4:30 p.m. End.